About Newfield

Newfield Technical services Ltd is a leading downstream oil and Gas Company in Nigeria with significant storage and retail outlets in the country. The company was incorporated as a privately owned Limited Liability company on the 21ST of July, 2009.

Newfield engages in the sourcing, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum products such as Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Gas, Fuel Oils and Lubricants. The company's objective is to provide her customers with timely and cost effective services. Newfield Technical services Ltd tailors its services to suit each individual customer's needs. Our success is driven by our people and their unrelenting focus on delivering results the right way by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth in oil and gas industry.

We are involved in virtually every facet of oil and gas industry. We successfully distribute/supply oil and gas products around Sub-Sahara Africa with Nigeria in particular. At Newfield Technical services Ltd we combine our core business service groups to provide customized professional solution for our clients:

OIL AND GAS SERVICES (Downstream) sourcing, distribution and supply

  • Automotive Gas oil (AGO)
  • Premium motor Spirit (PMS)
  • Dual purpose kerosene (DPK)
  • Low pour fuel oil (LPFO)


Newfield Technical Services Ltd recognizes that safety and health of personnel and community are core determinants in ensuring the success of any operation especially in the oil & gas sector.

Safety and environmental issues are given priority attention in the conduct of our business because of our firm belief that:

  • Accidents and injuries are preventable
  • Everyone has a responsibility for safety both on and off the job
  • No business objective is pursued at the expense of safety
  • A job is satisfactorily done if it is done safely

We stop at nothing to achieve zero accident and equipment failure or damage in all our operations; as such safety and environmental education is part of our staff orientation programme and this is a continual process. Every staff of our company has a personal stake and responsibility towards ensuring that we maintain 100% safety compliance and environmental friendliness in all our operations both on and off field.
We achieve this high level of safety and environmental consciousness through the following:

  • Orientation & re-orientation of personnel on safety issues
  • Daily Tool Book Meeting for Workers
  • Weekly General Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Site/ Tank Farm Inspection
  • Investigating & Follow up of all Near Misses & Accidents
  • Monitor Equipment Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  • Provide all personnel on site with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensure that employees understand their usage


At Newfield Technical Services Ltd, we realise that the quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability of any business. If you hire and keep good employees, it is good policy to invest in the development of their skills, so they can increase their productivity. Therefore, at Newfield Technical Services Ltd, training for new and current employees which helps them adjust to rapidly changing job requirements are mandatory.

We discover that our employees frequently develop a greater sense of self-worth, dignity and well-being as they become more valuable to the firm and to society. Generally they will receive a greater share of the material gains that result from their increased productivity. These factors give them a sense of satisfaction through the achievement of personal and company goals.


To bring a fresh and innovative approach to petroleum product marketing; which exceeds the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. Supplying oil and gas in abundance is part of the equation. The other is supplying value to our clients, employees and consumers through sound business practices and by creating beneficial relationships that enable mutual success.


Our long term vision is to grow into a viable company in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry by participating rigorously in the sourcing, transportation, storage and distribution/supply of petroleum products. We intend to retain our focus on the Nigerian region and plan to expand only into other regions as available cash flow and meritorious opportunities permit. Our long terms goal is maximum capital appreciation of the company's securities and assets.