Newfield's Services

Newfield Technical Services is known for its active operations in the downstream category of petroleum industry which distribute/supply AGO, PMS, DPK and LPFP. We brings a fresh and innovative approach to petroleum product marketing; our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. We are particularly engage in sourcing, storage and marketing of oil and gas, our services platform includes but not limited to AGO,PMS,DPK,LPFO.

Stock of PMS, AGO and DPK are available on short or long term sales agreements.

Oil Services
We are bulk buyers and sellers of petroleum products. We engage in retail marketing which includes on the spot depot sales of product, supply to corporate organisations, private businesses; institutional users like hospitals, fast food outlets, churches, and individuals


Transport Services
With the highly dependable number of trucks in our fleet, our transport division can effectively and efficiently bridges petroleum products to all parts of Nigeria; Our metered digitalized trucks peddle petroleum products to smaller local consumers like Fast food outlets, private homes, churches, telecommunication companies base stations e.t.c. in Lagos, South East and its environs.

Our Transport Division also supplies products to other organisations. We have an ultra modern transport yard which conveniently accommodates our trucks, and all repairs and maintenance of trucks are carried out therein. This Division also offers logistics services and also available for lease and rental arrangements.

Newfield Technical Services Ltd oil and gas group’s solutions are directed by some innovative professionals in the industry which can guarantee you stability, reliability and accountability. We are a venture that is alert exclusively on petroleum products.

At Newfield Technical services Ltd, our monetary and manpower resources strengthen our platform globally and locally whereby without our customers our manpower and monetary resources would be restricted, and due to this we would let you know that your company is pertinent to our firm.

We are more than just an oil and gas company; we are a company that is market- focused, customer- driven and solution-savvy striving to deliver value service and results that exceed clients’ expectations. Our major aim is the improvement. With our core operation in the southern and Northern region of the country, Newfield technical services limited at the request of its clients can deploy resources to any project area within Nigeria and sub-Sahara African as quickly as possible. We take pride in providing the best.

PRICING Note: Prices are subject to change on very short notice; therefore customers are advised to call any of the following contacts to confirm current prices of our products.